Our calendar will show one of three levels of occupancy for a given date:

1) No booking displayed for the given date then the date is available to book the cottage, main campsite and/or the Avenue campsite subject to your needs.

2) A booking for a given date is displayed, there will be a note stating what availability is left for that date i.e. cottage, main campsite, Avenue campsite etc. Email us to check as there may still be availability depending on your requirements.

3) A note saying that no other bookings are been taken for that date means we are fully booked out for that date.

If your browser is set to block cookies or is running an ad blocker then the calendar below may not display correctly.

NB: Help us make your stay at Fota as smooth and efficient as possible by submitting a booking request at least 28 days prior to your planned arrival date, the deposit MUST be paid within 7 days after the booking request. This is to allow us sufficient notice to timetable our volunteer duty staff to check you in and out of the Centre. Booking requests with less than 28 days notice will only be accepted at the discretion of the Centre based on the availability of duty staff.

Please read the Booking Information page and if in doubt contact us to confirm date availability before making a booking.